The LoveWall

“Love Wall" is a mobile app that allows users to leave love messages on a digital wall, and at the same time mark their locations on the world map. App’s purpose is connecting people, promoting and sharing love all around the world.

In order to connect the digital world with the physical one, and thus give users an additional value, we have designed a concept where users can come to the physical love walls that will be set up around the world, scan and see their messages with help of AR technology.


Who we are.

We are a group of dreamers, visionaries and detailers. We may say we are just ordinary people who have not forgotten the importance of love in this day and age that are no longer ordinary.

Driven by a wish to create something beautiful, designed to cater to a new generation’s needs and, most importantly, inspired by human nature’s unique need to share emotions and spread love, we designed the “Love Wall".


What we do.

Love Wall in Verona, bridge of locked love in Paris... Imagine a digital wall where you can leave a message of love and be able to access it anytime and anywhere.

Today, it is easier than ever to leave a message in the
virtual world and have your own place beyond the digital sky. Forever.

Does it seem long enough?

So... What do we do? We share love. And we encourage people to do the same.


How we do it.

We do it with love, of course. Inspired by man’s primordial need to be emotionally satisfied, we observed the latest trends and technologies in the world and created a marriage between the concepts of love and the “IT"industry.

We do it very smartly, strategically and, confidently!


Why we do it.

We listened to people’s needs, and we followed their yearning towards using new

Then it came to us - we should use it for a great purpose! We should let the human
race do what they’ve wanted to do for thousands of years, but in the way that is
most accessible today.

We interwove man’s need with the reality of today.

Because we believe in love.